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Homeless Dog Lottery


“and the Homeless Dog Lottery Winner is…” Bam! Bam! “…Bickie Schmoo-Maah-Looh!” Boom!


The four-legged crowd went mild. Mutters of “Whaaat?” “Huuuuh?” and “Bickie Who?” echoed through the big hall as many homeless dogs meandered out, dejected and downtrodden, rejected and resentful, with hearts beating slower and sad soul-filled eyes. A small number congratulated the winner before leaving. Some stayed to celebrate.

The winner sat still. He started a smile that soon showed all his teeth (and complimented his little triangular ears). “I’m believing it… it worked… I won the Homeless Dog Lottery… I won”. He started circumnavigating the one spot, chasing his tale, twirling faster, letting himself lose all serious sobriety, and barked “I won! I won!!”

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 (in the style of) Franz Marc


Photos of Matilda my greyhound and Bird of Paradise flower photos were arranged in a grid on cartridge paper providing a basis for this initial painting. I placed the paper onto a window and traced the photographs with a pencil. Using a ruler I drew the random directional lines (that I see in the photos) throughout the drawing, fracturing and segmenting the shapes. Examples; the directions of where Matilda’s eyes look, continuations of the lounge chair arm edges, lines where walls and floors meet.

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She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Dog

Curly N Crew Matilda Dog Daze 1
In Loving Memory of Matilda the Rescued Ex-Racing Greyhound. Now in the big racing track in the sky, run forever in peace my four legged best friend, Matilda.

‘She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Dog’ is a popular music ballad written by Spotty Bear and Jack Russell. Originally recorded by Lucky Molly in 1969, the song became a worldwide hit for The Lassies later that year and again for Buster Baxter in 1970. It has been covered by many artists in subsequent years. Rusty Bandit’s version of the song was featured in the film Droopy and Goofy.

Curly N Crew Matilda Dog Daze 2

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Homework – Week 4

Develop Your Story!

This is a brief outline for Scene One.

An Introduction precedes telling how Galamaay changed from a greyhound into a superhuman, as he travels from his home in the central business district to the outer western suburbs of Sydney to meet Matilda (Galamaay and Matilda are the superheroes of this story).

Curly N Crews Dog Daze Scene 01 Story-Board
I drew this basic story-board to help plan the sequence of frames in Scene One.

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Homework – Week 3

Name Your Villain

The villain in this story is a group known as The A-Em-A. This group is composed of individual villains.

Potential characters include (in no order of importance):

  • Sally Maggot aka The Synthetic Slut
  • John-John Wayne aka Frederic Wertham’s Cowboy
  • Helmet Head aka The Choc Top
  • Dick Pin aka The Spineless Velcro

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Justice Framed

My comic book and animation will explore ideas surrounding a corrupt and incompetent justice system. Follows a summary of the opening article from an issue of ‘Law Text Culture’ analysing the ways comics imagine and depict law. Full reference below.

Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1. The red bleeding lettering represents the angry, bitter speech of the Joker, Batman’s enemy.
Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1. The red bleeding lettering represents the angry, bitter speech of the Joker, Batman’s enemy.

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