(in the style of) Franz Marc


Photos of Matilda my greyhound and Bird of Paradise flower photos were arranged in a grid on cartridge paper providing a basis for this initial painting. I placed the paper onto a window and traced the photographs with a pencil. Using a ruler I drew the random directional lines (that I see in the photos) throughout the drawing, fracturing and segmenting the shapes. Examples; the directions of where Matilda’s eyes look, continuations of the lounge chair arm edges, lines where walls and floors meet.


This exploratory painting has compositional strengths from the underlying grid, straight lines and rectangular photo shapes. The next painting will be on heavier paper (or canvas). I will loosen the composition by creating more elaborate flower forms, extending them out of the grid and rectangles and merging the shapes and colours.

The painting is also a great idea and outline for a strategy of war.

p.s. More on Franz Marc over at Curly N Crew.


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Shirley Burley

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