Homework – Week 3

Name Your Villain

The villain in this story is a group known as The A-Em-A. This group is composed of individual villains.

Potential characters include (in no order of importance):

  • Sally Maggot aka The Synthetic Slut
  • John-John Wayne aka Frederic Wertham’s Cowboy
  • Helmet Head aka The Choc Top
  • Dick Pin aka The Spineless Velcro

Define the Villain’s Powers

The A-Em-A’s powers include;

  • existence as a legal entity,
  • a large degree of influence within the justice system due to accumulated financial wealth, and
  • individuals within The A-Em-A have a longer than expected life span, attained by consuming chemically manufactured substances (Life Pills) and using these substances to enhance their perceived strengths.
Define the Villain’s Weaknesses

The A-Em-A’s weaknesses include;

  • being a legal entity and extorting money from government opens The A-Em-A to legal challenges, associated convictions and resulting penalties,
  • the influence of The A-Em-A is due to arrogant abilities to bully, manipulate and exploit. This is entirely dependent upon financial wealth (no money equals no power for individuals within The A-Em-A), and
  • individuals within The A-Em-A develop addictions to Life Pills, experiencing side effects. They despise old age and have a constant fear of death, increasing use of Life Pills over time, exacerbating their weaknesses.
Write an Origin Story

A group of villains established themselves as a legal entity in Australia in 1962. Grandiose qualities of greed with insatiable appetites for money and power united them. Members of The A-Em-A cluster in large urban cities, including Sydney City.

The A-Em-A manufacture and distribute legal drugs allowing them to create considerable financial wealth. Through this wealth they coerce, control and corrupt the justice system.

One side effect of using Life Pills is megalomania (delusion about one’s power or importance). Individuals within The A-Em-A, considering themselves ‘above the law’ have committed crimes which can no longer be ignored by many people within the justice system… the beginning of this story.


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