Homework – Week 2

Week 2 – Bring Your Superhero to Life

Curly N Crew Dog Daze - Galamaay

Recap Your Superhero’s Superpowers and Weaknesses

Superhero’s Primary Super Power

Galamaay has retained a greyhound’s excellent eyesight and now as a super-human has abilities to see:

  • extremely long distances
  • through deception, and
  • the most important principles and fundamental ethics of a situation.

Superhero’s Secondary Super Power

Galamaay is a very competitive athlete with super-human abilities to:

  • move extremely fast
  • win physical combats, and
  • find perpetrators and corrupt people within the justice system.

Superhero’s Weakness

  • cannot speak
  • has an open attitude without pre-judgement making him sometimes too trusting
  • worries about Matilda (his best friend) and her well-being
Write Your Character’s Origin Story

Galamaay was a racing greyhound. The racing kennel owner was exploitative and disreputable with no conscience or respect for Galamaay as a living being. When his career as a racing dog finished, he was discarded and left to starve.

After Galamaay died, he met our world’s creator, Mother Earth. She offered Galamaay life as a human being if he agreed to:

  • dedicate his human life contributing towards justice for crime victims, and
  • be the best human he could be.

At the same time a man in his late 20’s died – his soul left his body. Mother Earth moved Galamaay’s spirit into this human body. Galamaay woke a super-human on New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia, 1989.

Intersection of Pitt & King Streets, Sydney C.B.D. 1989
Intersection of Pitt & King Streets, Sydney C.B.D. 1989
Festival of Sydney 1989 Poster
Festival of Sydney 1989 Poster

Retaining his racing greyhound life memories, he built upon them by combining them with the positive elements of an adult human. He began fulfilling his agreement with Mother Earth.

Your Superhero’s Alter Ego

Galamaay doesn’t have an alter ego – he was a greyhound and is now human – he cannot alternate between the two. Galamaay’s super-human description is…

Personality and Traits

Galamaay is elegant. He has exceptional intelligence. Is happy, relaxed, compassionate and generous. Has a wonderful ability to forget yesterday’s troubles and live in the moment. Prefers peacefulness but easily switches to high concentration with a clear focus when experiencing conflict, aggression or attack. Strongly believes in the goodness of all things. Expresses sadness and loss through depression, lethargy and sleeping a lot. Reads and writes english – but does not speak at all. Uses technology to communicate (e.g. a mobile phone for text messages).

Mount Hay Road, Leura, Outer Western Sydney
Mount Hay Road, Leura, Outer Western Sydney

Galamaay’s favourite activities include running and eating meat (a triple beef burger without salad is a regular treat). He has a habit of tilting his head sideways when something captures his attention. Favourite location is outer Western Sydney – with wide open spaces, few roads and large areas to run and train in athletics. Rests during daytime and is energetic at night. Favourite car is a 1934 Bugatti.

The Atalante 1934 Bugatti
The Atalante 1934 Bugatti. The name Atalante comes from Greek mythology. Atlanta was a young huntress and the fastest woman in Greece.

Galamaay is 2 metres tall, a light muscular build, dark golden hair, golden skin, black eyes and black lips (he also has very strong teeth!). He is in his late 20’s.

Galamaay wears loose, classic styled clothing (think 1930’s america – tailored trousers, collared shirts, soft-shouldered jackets) and gym gear. He wears custom designed sneakers with his own canine logo.


Curly N Crew Dog Daze Intro Scene

Galamaay lives and works in the central business district of Sydney. He is a freelance justice worker often hired by government. Other terms for justice worker include: assassin, detective, investigator, avenger, freedom fighter, social justice crusader. Accepts highly paid jobs to support personal interest jobs. When he chooses enemies he annihilates them completely. Sometimes, they choose him.

Curly N Crew Dog Daze - Galamaay

Back Story
Galamaay the Greyhound
Galamaay, an ex-racing greyhound. Galamaay is a Kamilaroi word meaning my younger brother.

Galamaay was an abused, neglected racing greyhound treated as a commodity by the racing industry. He remembers his greyhound life and combines this with elements inherited from his new human body. He has no human childhood or adolescent memories – his human life began when he woke in his new body.

His best friend, confidante, and fellow justice worker is Matilda. Matilda was a greyhound at the same racing kennel. Galamaay and Matilda communicate easily with each other. How she became human is another story…

His mentor and protector (who has always been human) is the narrator of this comic (as the two heroes Galamaay and Matilda cannot speak).


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