Homework – Week 1

Find a Contemporary Social issue. Describe it.

A corrupt and incompetent justice system that is influenced and manipulated. The frustration of genuine people within the justice system who are prevented and blocked by discriminating ineffective politics, responses and strategies.

Link to Relevant Media Article.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was established by the Australian NSW Government responding to concern about the integrity of public administration.

ICAC’s principal functions are:

  • to investigate and expose corrupt conduct
  • to actively prevent corruption through advice and assistance, and
  • to educate the community and public sector about corruption and its effects.
Create Your Super Hero’s Super Powers – How Will it Aid the Hero in the Identified Conflict? Describe

Matilda was a racing greyhound who has transformed into a human. She is a freelance justice worker often hired by government law enforcement agencies. She also assists victims who are impeded and obstructed by corrupt justice systems.

Description of Superhero’s Primary Super Power

Matilda has retained the excellent sight of a greyhound, and now as a human has abilities to see:

  • extremely long distances
  • through deception, and
  • the most important principles and fundamental ethics of a situation.

Description of Superhero’s Secondary Super Power

Matilda is a very competitive, exceptional athlete with physical abilities to:

  • move extremely fast
  • win physical combats, and
  • effectively find perpetrators and corrupt people within the justice system.

Description of Superhero’s Super Weakness


  • cannot speak human languages
  • sometimes ‘bites before she barks’ because of strong emotions, and
  • may be loyal to the wrong person / group / idea because of a true-heart and faithful attitude despite contrary negative evidence.

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