Homework – Week 0

Explain which god/goddess you chose as the inspiration for your superhero or super-villain.

What culture is that god/goddess from?

My Illustration of a Phoenix.
My Illustration of a Phoenix.

A phoenix is a long-lived bird that is regenerated or reborn.

Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

The phoenix was adopted as a symbol in early Christianity.

In some versions of the legend, the phoenix dies in flames and combustion, although in other versions the legendary bird dies and simply decomposes before being born again.

Phoenix 1Historically the phoenix “could symbolize renewal in general as well as the sun, time, the Empire, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, life in the heavenly Paradise, Christ, Mary, virginity, the exceptional man, and certain aspects of Christian life”.

The phoenix is sometimes pictured in ancient and medieval literature and medieval art with a nimbus emphasising the bird’s connection with the sun. The oldest images of phoenixes often have seven rays, like Helios (the personified sun of Greek mythology).

Scholars have observed the phoenix in a variety of cultures.

These include the Arabic anqa, the Hindu garuda and gandaberunda, the Russian firebird, the Persian Simorgh, Georgian paskunji, the Turkish Zümrüdü Anka, the Tibetan Me byi karmo, the Chinese fenghuang and zhu que, and the Japanese hō-ō.

Reference: Wikipedia

What are his/her strengths and weaknesses?

Phoenix 2

  • Can regenerate and renew itself
  • Inherits attributes of it’s predecessor
  • Able to fly
  • (need to research weaknesses)

Why did you select this god or goddess?

  • Birds are one of my favourite animals
  • The idea of inheriting and building upon previous strengths is inspiring
  • Perhaps because my religious upbringing was christian

Phoenix 3 Phoenix 4


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